Anti Nitrous Discrimination


When the Nitrous became displaced from their home planet, they needed to find a Nitrogen-rich planet and happened across Earth. Most humans have been welcoming and supported the Nitrous integration into our cultures, fostering goodwill and friendship between our two sentient species. Some humans however feel that the Nitrous don’t belong and promote segregation and even excommunication of the Nitrous people. The more adamant among them bully and humiliate the Nitrous, calling them "nitrates" or "nit" as they try to force them to leave—even though their planet can no longer sustain life.We at AND (Anti-Nitrous Discrimination) believe that Earth has enough resources to accompany both Nitrous and humans. Join the ‪#‎andtibully‬ movement and help end Nitrous discrimination. Stand Up, Lend a Hand, Save a Life.


Bullying is a major problem at schools around the world. One bully is difficult to deal with, but a group is nearly impossible. Verbal bullying doesn’t cause direct physical harm to the victim, but it is hurtful and can make students dread coming to school.


Physical bullying is obviously harmful as the victim can be not only tormented, but seriously injured. Many bullying events are isolated, but for some victims, physical bullying happens nearly every single day; and not always by the same bully.


Some students skip class because they don’t like school. Others are bored because they’re too smart. But one kind of student skips for a unique reason. These students are bullied so often or so harshly that they fear coming to school, and would rather face the punishments of truancy than deal with bullies.


Cyberbullying may seem trivial compared to physical bullying, but it can do one thing physical bullying rarely can; follow the victim into his/her own home. Cyberbulling circumvents even that safe zone, leaving victims open to bullies from anywhere.


Many bullies like to have a crowd around, but only as long as they stay back and watch. While some students may be scared to intervene directly with a bully, merely showing kindness to the victim is the first step, and can show the person that at least somebody cares enough to at least be friendly towards him or her.


Physical bullying can take place anywhere. When you see it happening to someone else, don't be afraid to step in and help. Ignoring it makes you a part of the problem, when you have the chance to become the solution, do it.